APDC Pin Series #1

APDC Pin Series #1


Since the late 1700s, people have been wearing pin-back buttons as a canvas for promoting politics, K-pop stars, even cereal brands.

The APDC is happy to join this tradition of pithy communication with "Pin Series #1." This assemblage of five collectible pins will compel you to revisit favorite movie moments through the APDC lens. Stay tuned for more collectible pin series releases over time.

  • 2.25” Orsonicron pin

  • 1.75” D is for Danger pin

  • 1.25” Ghost of the Iconic Moment pin

  • 1.25” Vince DiCola pin

  • 1.25” APDC logo pin

Fun note--Abraham Lincoln is credited as the first to use his own photographic image in his campaign buttons for his 1860 presidential campaign! The response to his image was overwhelmingly positive; and drove opponent Stephen Douglas to respond with photographic images of his own. Too little, too late, as ol’ Stevie took a hard “L” on that one.

Unfortunately, due to Squarespace’s shipping option limitations, we can only process U.S. domestic orders via this storefront. If you are an international customer, please e-mail us at apoddcast@gmail.com and we would be happy to process outside of the web shop.

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