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These are the brave souls who have made the decision to support this project through the sacred ritual known as "The Opening of the Wallet." We at the APDC thank them for their generous support--Everything they give helps make this little passion project bigger and better.

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Till all are one!

Aaron, Ryan, & Caleb

@Robinus__Prime - Change them nappies!

@ALPHAMAGNUS - Peep the Insta and Etsy!

@Skeeter112375 - Most handsome Trek fan on the internet.

@MikeSibertRadio - FAVORITE Transformers-adjacent podcast!

@SergeBomba - Actual GI Joe expert!

Jeff Sadler - Get your flu shot!

Deborah Jett - How does this Patreon thing work?!

Jeremy Jett - Stop embarrassing the family, Ryan.